"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"
Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to the USS Timble the newest Star-trek Play By Email (PBeM) simulation. After the Dominion war ended the Federation went through a period of readjustment. The Federation saw as its first task to consolidate its gains. Falling back on officers who had been proven underfire the Federation once again began to turn its attention to the orginal mission of exploration

However it quickly became clear that the while the Federation had won the war, they had lost ground, ships and people and were no longer in a position of strength. Searching far and wide resouces began to pour into Federation space but the Federation was not the only organisation with interests in these newly found resources. The United Federation of Planets rushed new policies through for the creation of protection teams who could bring law and order to the far flung areas of Federation space and secure these vital trade routes while still keeping in mind the orginal mission. A number of vessels which had been left to rot at the end of the war were taken out of mothballs and given a new lease of live - the USS Timble is one of these lucky ships

Join us as we begin to bring law and order